Marina Acton Donated to her dear friend Quincy Jones $100,000 to support “We are the Future Initiative”

Posted at February 13, 2018 by Marina Acton in Charity

Marina Acton Donated to her dear friend Quincy Jones $100,000 to support “We are the Future Initiative”

From the great beyond, Michael Jackson's legacy lives on as he continues to inspire, teach and unite millions of new music lovers across the globe even today. Tech guru and singer/songwriter Marina Acton is among this latest generation, fortunate enough to discover the King of Pop's steady contribution to the music industry and global zeitgeist anew. "Growing up in a small village in Ukraine, we didn't have access to the same music the rest of the world did. I'd never even heard of him,” she laughs as she recalls her naivety. "So after I moved to the States and began exploring my love for music, I didn't understand why everyone was making such a big deal about this Jackson guy." She blushes remembering the faux pas but quickly recovers. "As soon as I heard his music, it all made sense. He's my idol now."

As fate would have it, she would go on to work with some of the very same people who were so pivotal in Michael's early success – None other than the songwriting extraordinaire Siedah Garrett. She contributions to many of Jackson's most ubiquitous records, including "Man in the Mirror." A song Acton would celebrate alongside Jones, Garret and many of music's finest, at the Man in the Mirror 30th anniversary party this past January. Acton and Garret co-wrote "Stand Up" a psalm song that appeals to Marina Acton's second life as Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist with a focus on data privacy. The song, a call to individuals from all walks of life to take control of their information, will be released summer 2018. Although most of Acton's music has a broader, pop appeal, it's this cultural awareness that attracted Garrett to work on Marina Acton's album with her.

Having amassed personal fortune from her investments in technology, Marina Acton's life in music is more a philanthropic endeavor than one of personal gain. Alongside personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Carlos Santana, Acton recently made a generous $100,000 donation to Quincy Jones', We Are the Future Initiative. A non-profit organization concerned with educating underprivileged youth in the arts, sports, nutrition and many other disciplines. Furthermore, she will publicly commit all proceeds from her music to this and other similar non-profit organizations close to her heart, "I'm just a girl with a love of music and a dream. I started with nothing and want to help others with similar pasts so that they have every opportunity to succeed." Seems like Michael Jackson's generous spirit truly does live on in this young fan.

We can't wait to hear her music and can only hope that more young musicians come up as progressive and generous as Marina Acton.

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